RGB Lights

RGB Lights

Discover Unlimited Lighting Possibilities With RGB Lighting?

Have you wondered how the buildings that are bathed in changing colours are set up? These are the wonders of Red Green Blue (RGB) lighting. The colour spectrum visible to the human eye lies from red to blue. Hot colours have higher wavelengths and are visible with red at one end while cool colour has shorter wavelengths with blue at the other end. There are millions of hues, saturation and tones that can be had by mixing the colours in this spectrum.


RGB LED Strip lights

Conventional bulbs work by having electricity pass through a filament or gas. LED lights work differently. LED lighting is solid-state lighting because electricity is emitted from the diode itself instead of surrounding material.

In RGB lighting the semiconductors in the diode release different amounts of light energy, which then comes out in a certain colour. Low energy semi-conductors give off longer wavelengths which are red colour and hues. High energy materials give off shorter wavelengths seen as blue in colour and hues. Each diode emits light within a narrow spectrum. This concentration makes the colours more saturated.

In LED strip lights, LED is placed on a strip of flexible material which can then be attached to a surface to give off a continuous wall of lighting. In tunable LEDs RGB lighting, light engines are used to combine individual chips lighting to give off a wider range of colours from warm white to cool white. RGB strip lights some with controllers which can be programmed to change colour at intervals.


Types of RGB Lighting

  • RGB 3 in 1 LED– The common light engine holds all the 3 chips. Light is passed through  a lens for more uniformity
  • RGB 4 in 1 LED – This light holds an extra white light chip. This gives the light a wider variety of colour tones.
  •  R/G/B/W LED– This light holds 4 chips; red, green, blue and white on the same light engine.
  • RGBA – There is an amber chip


Advantages of RGB LED Lighting

  • Lower energy bills – There is no filament to be heated. This reduces energy consumptions by as much as 60%
  • Longer life – There are no filaments, gases or moving parts to get fatigued or burned out, making the bulb last longer.
  • A wider range of colours – RGB LED lights can give off millions of colours, hues and tones.

Movilume is a supplier of RGB LED strip lights. Would you like to transform the way your house looks at night? Talk to Movilume about RGB lighting. We offer a number of RGB LED holiday lighting solutions for residential and commercial properties. 

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