RGB LED Holiday Lighting

RGB LED Holiday Lighting

Transform Your Home into a Wonderland with RGB Strip Lighting

LED RGB lighting is one of the most innovative home lighting products to happen in many years. This lighting transforms your house with a dazzling array of colours and sequences, giving it a radiant holiday feel throughout the year.

Movilume is a leading supplier and installer of LED strip lights Edmonton. We also serve customers in the greater North American region. We have a team of expert installation technicians who can work on any roof design and size. Installing RGB strip lights is pretty straightforward and our team knows what to do for the best results. How do we install RGB strip lights?



When you contact us for installation, the first thing our technicians will do is make a visit to assess the roof. This is important in determining the length of strip lighting required as well as the equipment needs for the job, including crane ladders. We have installer partners as well who can reach any customer in US and Canada.



The next step would be to calculate all the material required for the job. Our sales team will offer you a price quote for the job. After agreeing on the price our team moves to site as soon as possible.



Movilume RGB strip lighting is easy to install and does not alter the look of your roof. The strip lighting will attach to the existing gutters and fascias. No modifications are made on the roof.  The wiring is concealed under the eaves such that nothing much is visible during the day.

Movilume lighting uses low profile LED modules that fit on a track that is less than 1-inch in width.  The tracks are nearly invisible when the lighting is off meaning they will not alter the look of your roof during the daytime.

Movilume lighting will connect to the standard 120 volts power outlet which means there are no modifications needed to the electrical wiring in your house.

Movilume LED lighting modules are weather resistant. They are waterproof and will withstand temperatures from -40° C to +50° C. This makes Movilume lighting suitable for both indoor and outdoor use anywhere in Edmonton and all of North America.



Movilume RGB strip lighting comes with a smart application that can be used to control the light from your smartphone or tablet. The team will set up the app and show you how to operate it until you are comfortable using it.  

Are you interested in a house makeover? Contact Movilume for expert ideas on how to turn your house into a dazzling bright and colourful palace. Our low profile LED strip lights provide a low maintenance permanent holiday lighting alternative that is energy efficient and sustainable. 

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Our lights are designed to last! LED strip lights by Movilume are designed and built with aircraft grade aluminum and polycarbonate lenses.
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