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Residential LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights have the advantages of colour variety and ease of placement, over conventional lighting. The low profile of the strip gives greater flexibility when installing. But placement can be a bit challenging when you have to consider maximum lighting for a big area for example when installing residential LED strip lights. This is when you want light efficiency without shadows. Movilume has extensive experience installing and supplying local businesses with residential LED strip lights, and we can guide you on how to decide where to place your lights.


Testing of LED Strip Lights

Assess various vantage points in the area you want to light up. Which is the point at which a light would wash over the whole space? A good way of identifying the perfect vantage point would be to use a lit up LED strip for a test. Take a short strip and attach it to your preferred mounting point. Power it on and step back to assess how the light spreads over the area. How bright is it? Are there any shadows? Does it light up all the spaces you need lit up? Move the light severally until you achieve the perfect results.

If there is not much space to move the light, consider lights of different levels of brightness. Movilume offers LED strip lighting of different intensities ranging from warm white light (like a candle) to pure white (the brightest).


Proper Light Projection

LED strip lights are great for directional lighting. In this regard, you should assess where light is focused. Walk around the space to check if the spaces that need maximum lighting are getting it. If you are installing strip lighting in a kitchen, for example, you need maximum lighting on the working counters where you will be doing the cutting and other tasks. You can detach and rotate the lighting for desired results before attaching permanently.

Movilume lighting comes with a 120-degree angle. The lighting also comes with aluminum profiles to help get the correct angle.


Avoid Hot Spots

A hot spot is created when LED lights individually project onto a surface because there is not enough room for light from different LEDs to overlap. This usually happens when LED strip lights are mounted on perpendicular surfaces. Always install the lights at least 1 inch away from a perpendicular surface. You can also use a light diffuser to create a solid line of light just like a fluorescent tube.


Low Profile & Permanent LED Strip Lights

If you are using LED strip lighting for decorative lighting, it is best that the strip is not visible. It can be placed further inward, or have a moulding cover it.

Movilume is an experienced installer and supplier of RGB LED strip lighting, for residential homes. Do you have any question on the placement of LED strip lights? Contact us 

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