Permanent Holiday Lights

Permanent Holiday Lighting

Give You House a Permanent Holiday Feel With RGB Strip Lights

Would you like your house your house to have permanent holiday lighting and a merry buzz all the time? You can do this with Movilume LED RGB strip lighting. These are colour changing lights that are easily installed on your house roofline lighting it up in a dazzling array of colours.  


What is Movilume RGB Strip lighting?

RGB LED lighting uses solid-state lighting technology to give off light. There are no filaments or gas, but the electricity passes through an LED chip which emits light. In RGB LED lights, these LED chips are made of different materials which give varying light energy that comes off as differently coloured lighting. These LED chips are placed on long strips of flexible material that can be easily installed on your roofline to give over 16 million light combinations.


Custom Lighting Colours

LED RGB lights are easily controllable for whatever colours you would like. With over 16 million colour combinations, you can have a different colour every day for a lifetime. Even if you would like to use a single colour, you can have different saturations and tones.


Easy Operation

Changing the colour of your lighting is as easy as tapping on your mobile. Movilume RGB lighting comes with a mobile app. You can change the colour and sequence of twinkling right from your mobile or tablet. You can set the tone and saturation of the colours using slider controls. Is your son’s favourite colour sky blue? No problem. You can set the hue easily and instantly. You can program the sequence of colours too.  


Discrete & Easy Installation

Movilume RGB strip lighting is well hidden in your roofline leaving your roof looking as good as before. There are no protrusions or visible wiring. You can switch it on and off as you wish.  Only during the dark does the lighting transform your house with a million bright lights leaving your guests marvelling at the magic.

Installing Movilume RGB lighting is very easy and non-disruptive. There are no additional features to be installed on your roof, or any parts of the roof to be removed. The strips are clearly marked for easy installation. The existing gutters and flashing will hold the strip and hide the wiring.


Permanent LED Strip Lights

Movilume lighting is weather resistant and will work well for any kind of climate. You only need to install it once and your house will enjoy permanent holiday lighting.

Would you like to transform your house with lighting? Movilume is the leading supplier of LED RGB strip lighting. Talk to us and see your house transformed into a magical paradise.

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Our lights are designed to last! LED strip lights by Movilume are designed and built with aircraft grade aluminum and polycarbonate lenses.
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