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lighting size

The Movilume Lighting System uses water-resistant LED modules that fit in an extremely low-profile track for installation (under 1-inch). This makes them nearly invisible when off, and a discreet addition to any property.

power needed

The Movilume Lighting System uses a standard 120V power outlet. The low energy consumption makes them extremely efficient.


The Movilume Lighting System can be used anywhere for indoor and outdoor use, installed on commercial and residential properties.

weather proof

Designed with North America’s climate in mind, the Movilume Lighting System uses modules that are water resistant and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40° c to +50° c. The Movilume Lighting System is water/weather resistant (IP65).


Our lighting system provides 324 Lumens/meter of individually controllable, and vivid color lighting. Whether you want accent lighting, your brand colors, or to show support for your favorite sports team, the Movilume Lighting System is the perfect solution.


The Movilume Lighting System is an extra low-voltage solution that is easy to install and environmentally friendly. The Movilume Lighting System uses high efficiency, low-voltage LED lights that save money and energy in replacement costs and through efficient energy consumption.

Lights That
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if you do it right, they will last forever.

Our lights are designed to last! LED strip lights by Movilume are designed and built with aircraft grade aluminum and polycarbonate lenses.
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