Benefits of LED Strip Lights

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LED strip lighting has redefined residential and commercial lighting in a big way. Whole houses are bathed in fascinating colour which can change from time to time. RGB LED lighting has also made real the concept of lights that can be dimmed by remote control. Movilume’s RGB LED strip lights, for example, can be controlled using a smartphone app. LED strip lights have become popular and will be found in all kinds’ places; hotels, bars, homes, factories and offices.  What are these benefits of LED strip lighting that make it so popular?


Energy Efficiency 

LED lighting does not heat anything to produce light. The LED chip itself lights up when electric current crosses through it. An LED light will consume 95% less energy than an incandescent bulb of the same brightness. The bulb does not add any heat so does not add up to the room’s temperature.


Easy to Set the Mood 

RGB LED strip lights’ colour can be changed to suit the mood of the occasion. Unlike traditional bulbs that have fixed colour, that would need to be physically changed, LED lights can be changed easily, and even be programmed to change at specific times of the day. LED lights are very good for combating Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as Winter Blues.


Ease of Installation

LED strip lighting is easy to install. It can be mounted almost anywhere in the house; under kitchen counters,   above bookshelves, on bathroom mirror edges and so on. Most come with a ‘peel and stick’ adhesive surface. A whole house can get a lighting makeover in less than 3 hours. These strips are also flexible enough to mount on curved surfaces, giving a continuous line of light.


Environmental Friendly 

LED strip lights do not contain mercury or heavy gases like conventional bulbs. The good thing is that LED strips are recyclable, which makes them less resource intensive.


Longer Lasting 

LED strips will withstand vibrations or shock without damage, unlike conventional bulbs. LED strip lights can last up to 100,000 hours, which is about 11 years of continuous use. There is no filament or gas to burn out.

LED lights are preferred for outdoor use because of their ability to withstand harsh weather. They will not crack in severe winter conditions. They are recoverable from collapsed buildings.

LED strip lights are suitable for outdoor installation because they are waterproof. They can also be used in fish tanks and other places with moisture.

Movilume is a supplier of LED strip lights with vast experience installing indoor and outdoor lights. Do you want to enjoy the benefits of LED strip lights? Call Movilume for viable choices.

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