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Your Guide for Installing LED Strip Lights

LED strip lighting is becoming popular for several good reasons. It is energy efficient, it does not heat up, and it is easy to install. But perhaps the best thing about LED strip lighting is that it is controllable. It can be dimmed and change colour. RGB LED lights are redefining lighting as they can give off an unlimited range of colours and hues. Movilume is an LED strip lighting supplier of both residential and commercial lights. As a supplier of long standing, we advise our clients on how to go about installing LED strip lighting that works for them. Here is how to do it right.

There are different types of LED strips:

  • AC LED flex strips – These connect directly to the mains
  • DC LED flex strips – These are powered by 12V DC power, which is commonly produced by solar power systems
  • High power LED strips – These strips come with onboard drivers and circuitry
  • LED rope lights – These are encased Omni-directional LED lights

Know the LEDs in a length

Some LED makers measure their product in feet while others use meters. The number of LEDs on a standard length make a big difference in the brightness of the LED. These days, LED strip lights will typically have 60-120 LEDs per meter. If you are comparing different products, convert the length unit to one type e.g. use feet all along, so that you can get the correct comparison.

Look at the brightness

LED brightness is measured in lumens per meter. Indoor brightness needs differ from what would be needed outdoors. Accent lighting, for example, would suitably do with a 200 lumen light, but outdoor lighting would need to be brighter. Movilume outdoor lighting is rated 324 lumens per meter.

Look at the colours

LED strip lighting can be in single colour or multi-colour strips. Single colour strips come in classic white, blue, green, red, or yellow. The single colour strip emits only this colour. Multi-colour strips are made of RGB (Red Green Blue) LEDs which combine in different ratios to give off a wide range of colours and hues. RGB LED strip lighting needs a controller to change the colours. Movilume LED strip lighting comes with a smartphone app for easy control of the colour and brightness.

Ease of installation

LED products differ in their ease of installation. Some can be easily by exposing the adhesive surface on the strip and sticking the strip on the mounting surface. But outdoor strip lighting often requires a stronger fix, done using screws. Strips running for longer distances requires connectors.

Movilume is an LED strip lighting supplier able to assess and advise on your LED strip installation. Do you have any questions about installing LED strip lighting? Call us for advice.

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