LED Strip Light Installer

LED Strip Light Installer

RGB LED lighting is the big buzz in home lighting and will continue growing in popularity for years to come. RGB lighting is a big hit because the lights can be changed to suit different occasions and moods. Are you celebrating your team’s win? You can have those colours on your roof! Is it Christmas? Light up your home to reflect the festive mood! RGB lighting popularity is growing fast. You can take advantage of this opportunity as an installer of LED strip lights.


Why Movilume RGB strip lights?

LED lighting has been around for a while and can be found in many commercial buildings and homes. Movilume RGB lighting system introduces an exciting twist in LED lighting. There are a few advantages in Movilume RGB strip lighting.


The standard LED lighting is mono-coloured and is cumbersome to work around to offer a variety of colour. But Movilume LED RGB lighting is a recent innovation that makes LED lighting more vibrant. Movilume RGB lighting system offers a choice of more than 16 million colours. There are almost limitless possibilities in playing around with colour.


Ease of Operation

Changing the colour profile of Movilume RGB strip lighting is as easy as tapping on a smartphone app. The lighting colours and sequences are easily set using the app.  If you want a deeper red, for example, use the slider to adjust the colour. If you need to change the pattern of sequence and speed, you can also do it directly on the app.



Movilume RGB strip lighting is made of weather-resistant LED modules that can withstand the elements. They are waterproof and will resist snow, ice and storms. The strips are also flexible enough to expand in hot sunlight, without cracking. This makes Movilume suitable for installing in Florida and surrounding areas.


Ease of Installation

As an installer, you will find it very easy to install Movilume RGB strip lights. The strip will attach to the existing gutters and flashing. The LED modules are fitted onto a thin strip that is less than 1-inch thick. The strip is flexible making it easy to install on corners.

The strips are well-marked for installation. The spots to place your drill holes are marked to make your work more presentable and easy without using a tape measure.

Movilume RGB LED strip lights will plug into the standard 120 volts socket. You will not have to arrange for separate electrical wiring.

Are you ready to get to partner with us in this exciting opportunity? Call us for more information on how to become an installer of Movilume LED strip lights.

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