Commercial LED Strip Lights

Commercial LED Strip Lights

What You Need to Know About LED Lighting

LED strip lighting allows you to be very creative in lighting up residential or commercial premises. The best thing is that LED strip lighting allows you to light up in colours that were unimaginable before. You can have your house lit up in purple from 7-10, then change to red from 10- 12, and finally, give it a blue glow for the rest of the night. You can also light up different sections of your house in different colours or have them interchange every few hours. This is because LED strip lighting is programmable and easily controllable.

Where can you install LED strip lighting?

This lighting can be installed anywhere in a building. Whether it is accent lighting for the living room cabinets or backlighting in the bathroom, LED strip lighting will be suitable in various places around the house. This is because you can control the intensity and tone of the lighting to suit different lighting needs for different places in the house.

How bright is LED strip lighting?

The intensity of light on an LED strip depends on the number and size of lights on the strip.   Strips can hold 60-120 LEDs per meter. LEDs typically come in two sizes, 3.5mm x 2.8mm which consumes 0.08 watts, and 5mm x 5mm which consume 0.24 watts. The higher wattage gives more brightness.

What colours are available?

The range of colours in LED strips is unlimited. There are the classic colours of white and blue. Multiple colours are available in RGB (Red Green Blue) residential LED strip lights. This combines these base colours to give unlimited colours and hues. But RGB lighting needs an RGB controller which enables changing the colour, and intensity of the light. Movilume lighting is easily controllable using an app on your smartphone.

What kind of transformer is needed?

LED Strip lighting that is to be connected to the mains needs a transformer to step down the power (LED lights are 12 volts). The type of transformer needed depends on total wattage, length of strip and watts per LED chip. A transformer is usually installed for every 5 meters of strip lighting. The guidelines used are:

  • Calculate 5 watts per meter for the 60 small chip size
  • Calculate 10 watts per meter for 120 small chips
  • Calculate 15 watts per meter for 60 large chips

An allowance of 20% is usually added to prevent overloads.

Movilume is a leading installer and supplier of LED strip lights on both residential and commercial premises. For any questions on LED strip lights do not hesitate to call us.

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