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Movilume Inc.


We are very proud of our product, but even prouder of the relationships we are able to build with our customers and our end users who benefit from the Movilume Lighting System.
Movilume Inc. is a proudly Canadian company that has assembled the Movilume Lighting System using the finest minds and components from all over the world. Working with us at Movilume are some of the finest engineering, software development and product development minds; all working to provide a unique lighting solution, combined with best in class customer and technical support. We are an LED lighting supplier and installer.

our installers

Movilume Inc. has installers located all across Canada and the U.S.A. Click here to find an installer in your area.

Lights That
Tell A Story

if you do it right, they will last forever.

Our lights are designed to last! LED strip lights by Movilume are designed and built with aircraft grade aluminum and polycarbonate lenses.
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